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Speech-Language Pathology

Enhance your communication skills with speech-language therapy!

Speech-Language Pathologists assess, diagnose and treat speech-language problems.

Speech-Language Pathologists work with people who have difficulty with:

  • articulating speech sounds
  • language delays or disorders
  • stuttering
  • voice problems
  • augmentative communication
  • aphasia
  • as well as help with English as a second language and accent reduction

Speech-Language problems may result from Stroke, brain injury, autism, Down's Syndrome, developmental delays or disorders, learning disabilities, hearing loss or other disorders. Speech-language problems have many causes and can be congenital, developmental or acquired.

 This Speech-Language Pathologist offers assessment, therapy and consultation services for preschool, school-aged children and adults.

Intervention (Therapy) is offered for speech/apraxia, articulation, stuttering, language comprehension and expression, reading delays, writing skills, English as a second language, accent reduction, cognitive communication problems: attention, memory, problem solving, and stroke/aphasia.

 Individual and group sessions are offered at my office. Home visits may be considered.